Some plant maintenance, stainless steel fabrications and aluminium profile assemblies

Below are some images and details of recent works we carried out for our clients in the manufacturing industry in stainless steel, and aluminium profile assemblies. Also detailled are extensive  hydraulics maintenance works on production lines

Alkermes, Athlone.

Maintenance trolleys for use in controlled environments in aluminium profile and polycarbonate

Our client’s brief was to design and manufacture these high spec trolleys for plant maintenance technicians to transport tooling, components and parts in controlled manufacturing environments. We were asked to ensure that all items were well organised to ensure speed of access

Maintenance trolley in aluminium profile and polycarbonate


Mop disc holder. Stainless steel fabricated and electro polished.

Our client needed a solution to a tricky problem here. We met with their engineers to discuss their requirements, and we designed, manufactured and installed this item, a Mop disc holder

A mop disc holder in electro polished stainless steel

Glen Patrick Water, Clonmel

Here, we had to move a long pallet wrapping line and re-install it in a different production area. Our second task was to move the Sidel bottle lines ans disassemble them form use in other plants.

We had to work to a tight deadline, so it was all hands to the wheel!

Moving the pallet wrapping line
All for moving and disassembling!

Adhesive Research

Design, manufacture and install a sound booth

We met with the company engineers to discuss their requirements for a bespoke sound booth which had to be built and installed in the plant over a weekend shutdown and over a 24 hour timeframe. No pressure! We built it with a variety of materials and techniques including aluminium profile and plastics including acrylic and polycarbonate

Aluminium Profile assembly and plastics conversion

Shannonside Coating

Solving a problem with access doors, testing our skills in Hydraulics maintenance!

Our call out service was used to get this hydraulics maintenance problem solved before too much downtime built up. It involved repairs and parts

Hydraulic preventative maintenance


Tote trolley using plastics conversion and aluminium profiles

We designed and built these tote trollies to get parts and components efficiently moved around the production areas

Trolley in aluminium profile assembly

Element 6

A special commission for a sieve unit

This sieve unit is used by our client for tooling manufacture. It was designed, built and installed after extensive reviewing!

Vistakon Ireland

A specialised unit designed and built by MIML for sample testing in the area of contact lens manufacture

A sample testing unit

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