Midland Industrial Maintenance opens new workshop in Limerick

Midland Industrial Maintenance have set up a new workshop in Plassey Innovation Park,  Limerick

Our new facility has been set up manufacture bespoke machine guards and  a wide range of plastic products

We now have the  the capability to manufacture all types of plastic products from menu and document holders to industrial machine guarding. We can produce machine enclosures and guarding using aluminum extrusion with polycarbonate windows. We can manufacture products using the following materials; Polycarbonate, acrylic, Perspex, polypropylene, PVC and many other plastics. All products are made specifically to your requirements

We can manufacture PVC and polypropylene tanks and offer a full plastics welding service. We can produce custom built machine enclosures, work benches, tables, trolleys, step ladders and many other products using high quality aluminum extrusion with an anodized finish. Our machine enclosures and safety guarding can be manufactured to a clean room standard for industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy, distilleries and medical.

An example of machine guards made using aluminium extrusions and polycarbonate windows

Why effective machine guards are essential

Operating heavy machinery in a manufacturing environment calls for several safety considerations. Industrial  accidents happen daily, and it is the employers responsibility to make sure that  all safety and preventive measures are in place to ensure their employee’s safety. There are various safety measures that an employer can and should install in their facility so that the workers can work freely and smoothly without risk of accident. Of course, employees should trained to operate the machinery safely, but  they should also be trained to take up preventive measures to ensure that there are no hazards. Assessment of the machinery should be done in order to get an idea if they require machine guards or any extra parts for maintenance.

Different machines have different guards depending on the risk level. Machine guards can be static, movable or ready to assemble. The material with which machine guarding is made also depends upon the type of machinery. If you need machine guards to install around your machinery then you need to get your research done well because the safety of your employee’s is at stake, not to mention potential penalties if even a minor accident occurs!  Midland Industrial Maintenance ensures that you will get the proper  machine guards, that your employees safety is guaranteed, and that your equipment guarding will pass any safety audit.

The function of machine guards is to keep the body parts of employees away from hazardous parts of machines being operated and to eliminate risk of wounds, burns, electrocution, chemical splashes, hazardous vapours etc. The importance of having everything in order cannot be over estimated.

Midland Industrial Maintenance now produces complete solutions for increased machine safety. We are familiar with machine guarding requirements and can offer solutions that cover everything from risk analysis, dimensioning and layout proposals right through to a turnkey installation of machine guards with many unique advantages.

Does YOUR plant and machinery meet with all the current safety standards?

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