Lockout Tagout System

Lockout Tagout system

Midland Industrial Maintenance are very proud to introduce you to our exclusively designed Lockout/ Tagout system. The system is designed so that everyone involved in the machine, services or production line shutdown is aware at all times of the personnel working on it. It offers the best possible protection and safety to those involved as well as zero access to the locked out services. Existing customers who have installed our system have expressed their satisfaction on how efficient and professional the system is.

The MIM lockout tagout system is used by some of the largest companies in Ireland such as Johnson and Johnson, Stryker Orthopedics and Sisk.

The Midland Industrial Maintenance Lockout/Tagout system is a simple but safe way of implementing LOTO into a working environment. It is a system that is visually informative while at the same time protects the employee from any danger of equipment services being energised until all personnel have complete their tasks and the equipment is in a safe state to return to operation.

The lockout/tagout (LOTO)box will be labelled accordingly and within the box will be the locks needed to lock out all the services in that area as well as the lock to secure the LOTO box itself.

Personnel locks will be placed on the hanging bar outside the lockout box.

The one unique function of the MIM lockout tagout system is that while maintenance is ongoing on the machinery the keys to each lock are locked inside the box and cannot be accessed until all personnel have completed their work and removed their personnel locks.

Cell Lockout box

Midland Industrial Maintenance can design our Lockout /Tagout system to suit the specific needs of our clients and our representatives are available at any time to discuss the system and how it can be designed to suit your requirements

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